Miami Marlins beat writer: Giants were “crybabies” after Posey collision, Dave Flemming responds

The Miami Marlins had a game on Thursday and there was a play at the plate. No worries — nobody got blown up, nobody is injured, but the Marlins ended up surrendering a run because their catcher was ruled to not have given the runner from third a lane to the plate. Rule 7.13 says the runner must have a lane, but if the ball carries the catcher into the lane then there’s no obstruction. Was the catcher obstructing? Here’s the video for you to be the judge:

Manager Mike Redmond talked after the game about his thoughts on the call, and like he was on the field, he was not happy.

Of course, anytime this rule comes into effect, the names Scott Cousins and Buster Posey come up, much as the Giants and Giants fans would prefer to not recall that incident when Cousins went out of his way to collide with the Giants catcher, the result of which took him out for the season. This is not lost on anybody, and Miami Herald beat writer Clark Spencer took it upon himself to let the Giants fanbase know how he felt:

Cool, cool. I bet owners and general managers are really upset that the league set out to protect their catchers, what an awful, awful thing. Is the rule perfect? Definitely not, and it’s shown its growing pains in the 2014 season. The garbage that was being talked against Bruce Bochy and company was not taken lightly by Giants broadcaster Dave Flemming:  

Clark Spencer has been retweeting emotional Giants fans onto his timeline to show how much he’s enjoying being supported in the “crybaby” narrative, but never acknowledged Flemming with a retweet. Of course, it is very much possible they interacted privately. We all know what the old school people think of collisions, but here’s a view from Grant Brisbee:

Strong responses from the leaders of the Giants camp. Glad Giants fans have interactive personnel like them to stand up to others when they start throwing their fighting words. In a country where concussions are being taken so seriously in a very popular sport, this rule had to have been something that happened in a matter of time. The old school is mad it happened the way it did and the rule isn’t doing well, and that’s too bad for the old school folk that want things The Way They Were, because it doesn’t look like the rule is going anywhere.

Dodgers and Giants make no trades on July 31st

Per Hank Schulman, the Giants made no deals and per Tim Brown, the Dodgers also made no deals. The teams look the same, and will dig through the waiver wire to get in on a possible deal for another player, which they can do through the rest of the regular season, but only players picked up in the month of August will be eligible for postseason play.

The Giants were linked to players like Emilio Bonifacio, Alex Rios, Bartolo Colon, and Chase Utley but were not linked to the likes of David Price, whom was traded to the Detroit Tigers today in a three-team trade, first reported by Ken Rosenthal.

The Giants resume baseball games on Friday as they go up against the New York Mets, whose field I heard was attack by some shark tornado.

Almost three hours to go, no Giants trades yet, but Athletics have made a couple

So far, the only trade the San Francisco Giants have been able to pull off in this trade season involved Jake Peavy and cash for Edwin Escobar and Heath Hembree. With the optioning of Tyler Colvin and the possible release of Dan Uggla looming, and no obvious helpful solution within the organization to fill those spots, you would expect the Giants to make a move or two to fill those spots as they look to compete with the Wild Card spots as well as the NL West crown. The Dodgers are only three games up, and it is not beyond the Giants to sweep the Dodgers, but they’re going to need to fill some holes. Some ideas of the directions the Giants could be going:

Alex Rios:

Emilio Bonifacio, Gordon Beckham, Daniel Murphy, Asdrubal Cabrera could be possibilities: 

With the Tampa Bay Rays inching closer to being in the race, I’m not so keen on the Rays selling, but rather standing pat or even buying. However, maybe they get the best value for their players now and they decide to deal. Important to note the second part of Joel Sherman’s tweet that the Giants still expect to make a move in August as long as they feel they are still in it. Sherman said the Giants aren’t in on a SP, but Jon Heyman mentioned the Giants as a possibility for winners in the Bartolo Colon sweepstakes, but we’re under the impression the Mets would have to take on money for 2015.

In other news, Billy Beane and the A’s were busy this morning, trading with two teams. To sum everything up, here’s what they got and what they sent away:

A’s get:

LHP Jon Lester

OF Jonny Gomes

OF Sam Fuld


Boston gets:

OF Yoenis Cespedes

Competitive Balance Pick

Twins get:

LHP Tommy Milone

So the A’s further strengthen their rotation with Lester for 2014, create a LF platoon, give away a disgruntled employee in Milone as well as one of the faces of the franchise in Cespedes. The Cuban outfielder is signed through 2015 and the Red Sox will not be able to give Cespedes a qualifying offer. The Red Sox were not done re-structuring their outfield, as you’ll see in the next paragraph.

As for the Dodgers, nothing has been done yet, and John Lackey has just been traded to the Cardinals for Joe Kelly and Allen Craig, paving the way for Oscar Taveras to start full-time with St. Louis. Expect the Dodgers to go after bullpen help as opposed to getting someone for the rotation, like Joaquin Benoit. Should they land David Price this season, I would find that to be a huge surprise, and just about everyone would stamp their ticket to the postseason as a result.

More to come as the 1:00PM PST trade deadline continues to come at us fast. Very much expect the Giants to get at least one move done.

After the Giants win a game, they go on to release Dan Uggla and option Tyler Colvin

Update at the bottom.

Multiple sources have told Chris Haft that Dan Uggla and Tyler Colvin have been released. However, beat writers have announced Colvin has been optioned to Fresno. This opens up two spots on both their 25-man roster, and one spot on their 40-man. No corresponding moves have been made as of yet, giving people more fuel to project that a trade could be on the horizon for the Giants. Since they have a day off on Thursday, there is no rush to make that move, but should nothing go down, I’d speculate Brandon Hicks and Gary Brown could start getting excited as the Giants look to anybody and everybody for consistent offense.

Dan Uggla went 0-for-11 with six strikeouts and three errors in his short time with the Giants. Tyler Colvin had two home runs in fifty-seven games with the Giants with a .268 OBP and .285 wOBA.

Update: Beat writers and Ken Rosenthal are reporting the Giants have not yet released Dan Uggla. Why haven’t the Giants done it? Nobody knows. 

SF Giants turn a double play I’ve never seen before against the Pirates

The MLB video will do the explaining, but after a Chris Stewart walk from Jean Machi in the 6th inning, Travis Snider forgot there was not a baserunner behind him, and Gaby Sanchez tried to lure the throw home while Snider was in a rundown. Let’s see how it turns out:

I have never seen that happen before.

The Giants are currently leading the Pirates 6-5 in the bottom of the 8th inning. The game is airing on MLB Network for those outside of the San Francisco and Pittsburgh markets.

Wednesday’s day-game pre-game: Pagan almost ready for rookie ball, Belt rehab?, Giants looking for more rotation help?

The Giants freefall continues, and they are on the outside looking in for the Wild Card and three games back of the Dodgers, who beat up on the Braves on Tuesday night. The Giants turn to Tim Lincecum today to stop a six-game losing streak before a Thursday day off that will give them time to travel to New York as they go on a ten-game road trip with four against the Mets, three against the Brewers, and three against the Royals. Josh Harrison leads off for the Pirates and I just hope he stops homering against the Giants and saves it for another day.

Brandon Crawford returns to the two spot as the Giants continue to struggle on offense, with six runs in their past six games. I wonder when Buster Posey or Pablo Sandoval gets moved up that high.

Updates on Brandon Belt from Amy G:

Notes on Crawford:

News on Angel Pagan. Obviously, we’re all hoping everything feels good for Pagan and doesn’t go the way of Marco Scutaro.  

On to the trade front, there’s a lot out there from reliable sources, and some even about the Giants:

Remember, Jake Peavy‘s current contract only keeps him as a Giant through 2014, so it might be in the Giants best interest to lock someone down that has a little more control on them.   

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Giants are saying Belt is done, as it could be a way for the Giants to add a corner bat to their bench, as Adam Duvall and Travis Ishikawa don’t look to be the answer for the job. Emilio Bonifacio would be a nice add and would spell the end for Dan Uggla in a Giants uniform. If you really, really don’t like Uggla, you’re rooting for a trade for a 2B. Any 2B.

Safe travels, and good luck, Dan Runzler and family. Hopefully a successful career in Japan awaits you with Orix.

First pitch is in less than fifteen minutes, 12:45PM PST.

Tuesday’s lineups and notes: Cain and Dr. Andrews, Susac gets his start, Belt playing catch, men being excessively stupid

Tuesday has been a busy day for the Giants, and none of it even looks to have to do with the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline. First, we hear about Chris Stratton getting promoted, then we hear about a couple roster changes to the 25-man, including Tony Abreu getting designated for assignment, and then we hear Matt Cain is going to visit Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion on his elbow.

Certainly scary, and you probably have some people already bracing for no Matt Cain until late 2015, maybe even 2016. With so much money owed to Cain, you’d hope the Giants have some insurance on that contract, so we’ll see how that determines their plan of action if Cain is indeed out through a good chunk of the 2015 season.  

Good to have already acquired Jake Peavy for the rest of 2014 should the Giants be on a playoff push this year.  Tim Hudson is on the mound tonight for the Giants so here’s the lineup of Pirates that he will be opposing:  

You’ve noticed that Francisco Liriano and his left-handedness will be opposing the Giants today, who’ve really worked to “reshuffle the deck” today as Ken Rosenthal was saying. Gregor Blanco batting second, Andrew Susac gets his first MLB start, and Dan Uggla batting seventh.

Should the Giants lose tonight, they will be behind the second place Wild Card team, be that the Pirates, or the Cardinals if they win tonight. Meanwhile, the Dodgers have also had some news today, as their prospects have been pursued for Cole Hamels by Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr.   

Time Warner Cable also got some intervening they were looking for as the FCC begins to do a little digging.

Of course the MLB is supportive of TWC calling for arbitration and a third party telling other networks what to do.    

We’ve seen this drag on all the way to August, I wonder how much longer this goes for.

Brandon Belt is engaged in baseball activities again, which is fantastic news.

Pavs also notes that Travis Ishikawa will be used primarily as a bench option so as to not wear down Buster Posey, who will see more starts at 1B with Belt out. I’m sure Andrew Susac won’t mind.   

Off the non-baseball front, but on to the important-in-life area, reading the timeline of Bomani Jones from his 2:47PM tweet on July 29th onwards in regards to the mentions of ESPN employee Michelle Beadle, who spoke out on talking-head Stephen A. Smith’s remarks. Andrew Panos has compiled a list of men that are acting out in an uncalled for manner against women, especially the women sports personalities. This is troubling, and men especially need to take the time to reflect on what is going on here and speak out for the women that are getting so poorly treated. 

First pitch is scheduled for 7:15PM PST.   

40-man and 25-man roster moves: Ishikawa and Juan Perez up, Duvall down, Abreu DFA’d

Just like the title says, Travis Ishikawa makes his return to the Giants dugout for the first time since the 2010 when he was a part of the magical run to the first trophy in the San Francisco Giants time in the Bay.

Juan Perez comes back to the 25-man, Tony Abreu, welcome back and see ya later. Adam Duvall, hopefully you’ll continue to develop and win a AAA home run title. Here’s a video of Ishikawa in the 2010 World Series.

Ken Rosenthal broke the news of a possible move.

First pitch is at 7:15PM PST against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

2012 first-round pick Chris Stratton promoted to Double-A Richmond

Per Joe Ritzo, radio broadcaster of the High-A San Jose Giants, 2012 first-round draft pick Chris Stratton has been promoted to Double-A Richmond. projects Stratton to be a below-average MLB player (scouting grade 45 overall) and has this on his scouting report:

“Stratton was overpowering at times at Mississippi State, where he worked at 91-93 mph, and hit 95 mph consistently. Last year, his fastball sat at 89-92 mph, though it remains effective because he can spot it on both sides of the plate and impart it with some run and sink.

Stratton uses four pitches, with his quick slider being the best of his secondary offerings. He also has a curveball he can throw for strikes and a changeup with more deception than movement. With Stratton’s stuff and command, he could become a No. 3 starter.”

The Giants picked Stratton one pick after the St. Louis Cardinals nabbed Michael Wacha, who went through the Minors quickly before helping the big club. If only the Giants could have picked before the Cardinals… although maybe Stratton develops into a solid MLB contributor. His ETA per is next season. The California League tends to be hitter-friendly so it is possible that the ERA is a little inflated.

Monday’s lineups and notes from the beat: Belt and Pagan updates, Giants finally not facing really good pitcher

I was away from a computer for the vast majority of Thursday through Sunday, and watched about zero Giants baseball in that time. That means I missed news on Marco Scutaro and Hector Sanchez going to the DL with Andrew Susac getting the call, Tony Abreu coming back, Dan Uggla getting called up, Jake Peavy being a Giant and Edwin Escobar plus Heath Hembree changing socks colors. That’s a lot happening for a couple weeks, much less a few days. The Dodgers have a day off today before opening an eight-game homestand and a ten day LA stay. The Giants are a half-game ahead of the Cardinals for the second wild card spot and are one-and-a-half games ahead of their next series opponent, the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Bucs won a series against the Dodgers while the Giants were beating up on the Phillies but then turned around and lost a series to the Rockies with a pair of 8-1 losses. They begin their series with the Giants with the contact-able Vance Worley. Take a look at the StS, the swinging strikes that Worley gets — even if he gets hitters off-balance, he still gets his pitches hit for the most part. With a 2014 BABIP of .287 and a career average of .321, forgive that I am waiting for the Giants to get on Worley like the Cardinals did. However, his walks are down to a very acceptable level at a 4.2% ratio.

Date Opp Rslt Inngs IP H ER BB SO HR ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB
Jun 15 @ MIA L,2-3 GS-7 7.0 5 0 0 5 0 0.00 26 95 68 28 5 7 14
Jun 21 @ CHC W,5-3 GS-7 6.2 5 3 1 4 1 1.98 26 89 68 14 3 8 13
Jun 26 NYM W,5-2 GS-7 7.0 7 1 2 3 1 1.74 28 100 70 18 6 12 10
July Opp Rslt Inngs IP H ER BB SO HR ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB
Jul 3 ARI L,2-10 GS-7 7.0 4 3 2 6 1 2.28 27 87 59 22 5 8 11
Jul 8 @ STL L,4-5 GS-5 5.0 9 4 0 3 0 3.03 23 75 49 14 4 11 9
Jul 13 @ CIN L,3-6 6-7 2.0 4 2 0 1 1 3.38 10 38 24 8 2 5 4
Jul 22 LAD W,12-7 GS-6 6.0 7 1 2 5 0 3.10 28 98 69 22 3 9 12
40.2 41 14 7 27 4 3.10 168
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 7/28/2014.

Here are the boys that will be backing him tonight:

I still don’t know why Josh Harrison was an All-Star. Oh well. Giants don’t miss Pirates prospect Gregory Polanco this time. 

Joe Panik‘s back in the lineup and Hunter Pence is back hitting leadoff. 

Here’s what Madison Bumgarner‘s splits look like, as Madison Bumgarner looks to go against eight right-handed hitters in tonight’s Pirates lineup:     

vs RHB 449 104 24 1 10 31 98 3.16 .254 .310 .390 11
vs LHB 133 32 8 0 1 3 43 14.33 .258 .271 .347 2
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 7/28/2014.

Similar batting averages, but definitely not similar strikeout-to-walk ratios. Neil Walker the only LHH in the lineup for the Pirates tonight. Polanco is a switch-hitter. 

Other notes from the beat’s conversations with manager Bruce Bochy, starting with Angel Pagan

Next, Brandon Belt appears to be getting better, which of course, is a good sign.

Other news out of the catching department, as Andrew Susac knows he’ll get a start soon. Hector Sanchez reportedly failed his concussion test.  

For those interested:

First pitch is scheduled for 7:15PM PST. Go Giants.


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