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Videos — Dads Ditching Kids for Baseballs: Probably Me Some Day

My wife says this will be me some day: a ball comes into the vicinity and I drop my kid for a $15 baseball. It’s ridiculous, illogical, and so, it makes us laugh so very hard when it’s not us. This will be me someday. After Chris Young‘s ground-rule double into the RCF grassy area, we were treated to this gem:

The legendary (and tiny) GIF of the best moment when the dad realizes what he’s done:

So great. This next one is probably my favorite. From a baseball game in Taiwan:

I mean…

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 7.02.37 PM

Nnnnno thanks.

This one’s pretty good, too. From a Marlins-Dodgers game:

Dad gets out of it by tickling his daughter? That daughter should have asked for an autographed baseball because dropping her is just… woo boy.

So let this be a lesson for you parents, because men aren’t the only ones that will fall victim to this. We’re just a heckuvalot more likely to do it. Duct tape your kids to you when you’re at a baseball game. Otherwise you will suffer the wrath of your partner, and it will involve much sadness. But as long as your kid’s OK, the public will be more than happy to laugh at you.

Apply through Sunday: @SFGiants is Hiring for their Orange and Black Attack Squad

So you have some free time before, during, and after the home games at AT&T Park? Why not apply for the Giants cheerleading and friends-of-the-fans squad:

I’ve never met anybody doing this, so I can’t tell you my experiences with them, but I would it’s cool because you get paid to be at AT&T Park, which normally, you pay them. That’s pretty neat. They links to photos the people do, a job description, and some minimum qualifications. I’ll highlight some for your information:

  • Assist in the execution of Giants special event nights at AT&T Park
  • Serve as Giants ambassadors at street festivals, events and promotions throughout the Bay Area

I interpret that as, “Walk with Willie Mays and Willie McCovey to the field and escort Barry Bonds to his seats near the dugout.” That second bullet point I interpret as, “Be a part of the parade when the Giants win the World Series again.” I mean, that’s got to be pretty excellent.

  • Display an outgoing, energetic and engaging personality

So, not Brandon Crawford‘s Wells Fargo radio commercial.

  • Be comfortable in front of large groups upwards of 42,000

Everybody will be watching you. Everybody. Approximately 84,000 eyeballs at least.

  • Have reliable transportation and live in or close to San Francisco

But living close is probably better because going to San Francisco is a nightmare.

  • Demonstrate good moral character

Jarred Cosart has been ruled out.

  • Knowledge of baseball and the San Francisco Giants is preferred

You could be a fair weather fan and it’s OK!

This gig sounds great, if you have the time and maybe you’re looking at this as a possible customer service or social media internship. It does require a good amount of your time, though. Hopefully, if you are a good Giants fan — guy or gal — you apply and you get it. Best of luck, don’t miss the deadline.

This @Dodgers Tweet Could Be Taken The Wrong Way #StadiumSeries

For the hockey game on Saturday night between the Kings and the Ducks:

This could be taken the wrong way, as in:

  • “Hockey is stupid. This is Los Angeles.”

Actually, that’s probably the way in which you would sum it up.

They would clarify later with baseball fan Lana, that they indeed❤ hockey, and that a 140 character limit may have prevented an explanation of their initial tweet:

It was about fifty minutes in between tweets, so for about fifty minutes, people were probably left thinking, “Gosh, whoever runs that Dodgers account really hates hockey.” Unless you gave them the benefit of the doubt, which, most people probably should because why would you poop on an event you’re hosting? Doesn’t make any sense.

From #62 to #25 on the platform: Thanks to the Readers

It would be something if the blog were #62 or #25 on the whole internet for baseball stuffs, but you and I know it’s not. Still, there are a lot of aspiring writers and plenty working hard to get noticed. So that even on this platform I am able to rank on it, I am humbled that people have stopped by, that they have subscribed, and commented on something my then-girlfriend and now-wife suggested I do because she knew I was interested in sharing my thoughts on baseball.

Last year, I was happy to be in the Top 100 at #62, and it was with great happiness that I saw I climbed the ladder to #25, even with taking a couple months to be a co-editor with my friends over at Around the Foghorn. I cannot maintain the dedication to writing daily like I did at AtF on this site, but I still want to write. As long as I’m being a school counselor down here in North County San Diego, I realize that the difficulty of my dream of getting into an MLB Press Box has gone way up due to my lack of free time, and since this blog doesn’t pay the bills and I enjoy my full-time job, I’m OK with that. By no means am I done, though my frequency in posts may go down, I do hope to write a lot in 2014 about topics that I am happy to post.

So, thank you, to everybody that’s helped me climb the ladder on the platform. For your subscriptions, your link clicking, and encouraging me to do something I enjoy, even if I’ll never be up at the ranks of someone at Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, ESPN, or any bigger news company. I hope I become a better baseball fan this year, learning more about the history of the game, and being better at analyzing what’s happening and has happened. I hope you will help me and I encourage you to always leave comments or engage with me on twitter to talk baseball.

To a great 2014.

2013 Year in Review for The Splash Hit Blog

WordPress made a fancy-shmancy report for my 2013 year in blogging, and I invite you to take a look:

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 23,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Other highlights:

  • 250 new posts in 2013 (including this one!), well short of my goal of one post a day I wanted to do, but I did begin commitments to Around the Foghorn as one of their co-editors, and a full-time job as a school counselor beginning this school year
  • People flocked to the site for that GQ article on Buster Posey and Barry Zito
  • was listed as one of the top 5 referring sites for this site, which I found interesting

Click here to see the complete report.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to more blogging in 2014!

The Baseball Christmas Gift I’ll Never Get, Always Get, and May Get Someday

It’s December 25th, Merry Christmas to all. We’re not religious in this household for celebrating why Christmas is Christmas, but we do celebrate the giving and receiving, as well as the family togetherness traditions that come on a major holiday. Instead of making this post about things I want and things I don’t want, or things I get or don’t get in general, I’m making this one baseball-oriented (shocker!). In my world, everything is better with baseball. Can it make me sad? Yes, but I’d rather be in the middle of a 100-game losing streak in July than be in December with no baseball. Just like with regular Christmas wishing, your list is going to be different from mine. Now, to the main content:

The Baseball Christmas Gift I’ll Never Get

  • Season Tickets — I live in North San Diego County, 45 miles from the nearest professional baseball stadium, and in the short-term there, have no plans to get significantly closer. Even if something unexpected were to happen and I move back to Long Beach or San Jose, a season ticket expense, especially for the Giants, isn’t something reasonable nor is it something I expect my significant other to blow a month or two month’s worth of wages on — and that’s just for one person’s rations.

The Baseball Christmas Gift I’ll Always Get

  • The reminders of the success of the Giants in 2010 and 2012 — Flags fly forever, and it is a beautiful thing. Unless the Dodgers win, then it will be beautiful and annoying.

The Baseball Christmas Gift I May Get Someday

  • This one is a maybe because I could see this happening, but this would be a very special occasion gift: Fantasy Camp — Every January the Giants have a fantasy camp in Arizona that involves former players and coaches and you get to pretend to be a member of the Giants and play baseball games, wear the uniform. Instead of living vicariously through my kids, I can kind of live a dream myself. My wife knows about how I’d love to do this, so maybe someday…

I think it’s good to have things to aspire towards, while also having events you can reminisce on. Keeps you honest and working hard. On a separate and final note, I hope you and yours have a wonderful set of holidays. Enjoy!

Photo: Bruce Bochy Could Be Really Mean to Rich Renteria

Here’s a picture of the National League managers from the Winter Meetings:

Bruce Bochy is supposedly 6’3″ and Rich Renteria is 5’9″ all this according to Baseball Reference’s bio pages. Imagine if Bochy stole Renteria’s lunch money, or his cap, or stretched his arm way up high, stood up on his tippy-toes and told Renteria to give him a high five in order to get those stolen items back. That’d be pretty mean, and now I’ve made you think Bruce Bochy is a mean guy. I’ve never heard that. It makes me feel good that there is a manager in baseball that’s about my height (I’m not over 6′ tall).

Meanwhile in the American League, everybody seems to be around the same height.

Really looks like Bochy is way taller than Renteria, more than the half foot BRef has for them.

#SFGLive: How Do You Spell Zito’s Name?

We all start as new fans sometimes.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.00.56 PM

Also should’ve used “are” instead of “is,” but whatever, I just thought “Berry Zito” instead of Barry Zito was a little funny. Could be that his autocorrect got the best of him…. Technology can just be the worst.

November 15th: The Day MLB Teams Saluted #SFBatKid

By now you’ve heard the story about Miles, a five-year old with leukemia, got help from the Make-A-Wish foundation and the City of San Francisco to make an epic dream of dreams go down by transforming San Francisco into Gotham City. Miles became the Bat Kid, or #BatKid/#SFBatKid, and helped defeat the Riddler, and a foul plot by the Penguin was foiled when the villain captured and tied up Lou Seal at AT&T Park. Want to know more about Miles’ story from the Make-A-Wish foundation’s site? Too bad!

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 3.21.12 PM

Freakin’ adorable.

For the plot that really only involves the Giants, we’ll start with the Penguin, whom I thought was being played by beat writer Henry Schulman at first, was caught on camera by the SFPD capturing Lou Seal:

Beat writers got into the action:

Of course the Giants had the coverage covered:

Miles saves the day!

Big day for anybody, much less a five-year old superhero!

The outpouring of support from organizations all over the place came in, and the Dodgers were early in line to show that the on-field rivalry is only that:

Another division rival chimed in, giving their support to Miles:

The Padres tweeted out their cheers:

The new World Series Champs mascot, Wally gave his thanks to Miles for rescuing his friend while holding a Batman action figure. Pretty awesome.

All the way from Colorado:

Saw this picture and there was dust everywhere!

And then why not finish it off with a shoutout from the President:

I wasn’t tracking this as it was going on, but I can only imagine what an experience it was for everyone involved, whether volunteering, cheering in the streets, or cheering from home. What a fantastic event put on for one human being.

Sorry, Damon: I am one of the Guidance Counselors, Sensitive Males ruining sports

You have your choice of whom you want to refer to for your coverage of the Damon Bruce “feminization of sports” saga: friend of the blog Bay Area Sports Guy has had the business covered, and he notes multiple sites have caught notice of the rant, including now ESPN sports journalist Keith Olbermann:

I know you’ve seen the title of the article, but let us not kid that we know the population that is being targeted with all this: women. Women will be in a fight for who knows how long just to prove the sports sandbox is not a “Men Only” sandbox, but that if you enjoy sports, or if you have an informed opinion about sports, you should be able to play in that sandbox, too. Women have had, have, and will have a hell of an uphill battle, and if the male gender can get over their insecurities of whether or not They Are A Man, that, I believe will decide how quickly women can be equals on the sports.

This idea of what it takes to be a man, thus, makes “sensitive males” or guidance counselors, therapists, psychologists, natural targets for the so-called “wussification” of sports. Let me begin with the sensitive males piece — I’m not one anybody would consider emotionally strong. With the spotlight on me at community events or family events I have been seen crying multiple times, a sign of weakness to A Man or those that have an idea of what A Man should be, no doubt. I take what people say personally, and I hold grudges against people that have made what I perceived as stupid, insensitive moves towards me, my wife, my friends, or my family. I believe that the sense of right and wrong should carry more weight than “the way it’s always been” mentality, and that irks a lot of people, mainly people that have problems with change. My sensitivity towards what’s right and what’s wrong will clash with sports world quite often, and if it were up to me a lot of times, people would probably hate me for coddling sports players from the dangers of the game. I issue no apologies for thinking about player safety.

As a guidance counselor, even in my first three months of work, I’ve received a couple complaints on bullying. There is a “snitches get stitches” mentality out there, and so students don’t want to turn into a kid that will be publicly shamed, and I can see where that comes from. I am not saying the rhyme isn’t true, but I will say that it is not helping, and it is something I am busy combating. The number one priority for a school should be that their students feel safe on their campus. If a student does not feel safe due to another person, I want to know that information, and I want to help intervene, since that process will normally get handed off to a vice/assistant principal. If students do not feel safe on campus, how can they concentrate on their work? How can they concentrate on their day-to-day life? Are they considering self-harm due to their feeling of not being able to tell anybody? If a student offs him/herself but never snitched, is there any reasonable human being out there that’s going to say, “At least s/he was not a snitch.” Absolutely not. It is rather, “What could we have done to help this student?” If a football player came to me and said, “Mr. Jones, student XYZ has been saying things comparable to Incognito,” I, and any other counselor that cares about their student, will stop what they’re doing to take record of the student’s complaint, and speak about ways of dealing with these actions if the school is unable to lay it down on student XYZ. I will not worry that football is a big money maker or that if you can’t handle a little hazing, get out of the locker room. So what if a student “can’t handle” what another kid is dishing out, does that take away what the student that issued the complaint can contribute to society? Sports may be life to some, but life should be above sports for all.

I am proud to waive a red flag more often than radio hosts like Damon Bruce when I believe something may not be right. I believe the profession I am in contributes to the advancement of society through the students on the campus I work at. If that costs the Man Card to take a hit every other day, so be it. I have no interests in your insecurities and douchebaggery. Everybody should be able to define being themselves in their own way — there is not a checklist for being A Man in character. I am sorry I’m ruining sports with my feelings, Damon Bruce, but I’m not going anywhere.

Oh, and, women aren’t going away, either. Let it be known that I will make it a point to smile when you, Damon Bruce, are replaced by a woman. A more than capable, more than competent, respectable sports fan with feelings woman.


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