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Short Post: BA’s (Lack of) Thoughts on #SFGiants and Tanaka; Villalona Update, Haft Inbox

There are a lot of tumbleweeds rolling around the Giants news stream these days, so this is just aimed to get you caught up:

  • Ben Badler of Baseball America wrote about the Top 10 teams to sign Masahiro Tanaka, and the Giants didn’t make the list (shocker, I know). While we would all love the Giants to take advantage of Tanaka being 25 years old (just a year older than Madison Bumgarner), their pitching rotation is set and their signing Tanaka would be a huge upset. Badler lists the top four favorites as (in order): Mariners, Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs.
  • CSN Bay Area beat writer Andrew Baggarly wrote about Angel Villalona in an article that got published this morning. While you know about Villalona’s history of a murder charge that was eventually dropped, maybe some new info for us would be how much Steve Decker believes in the 23 year old. There are a couple of good quotes from Decker, now the Giants hitting coordinator, and I’ll share this one:

“When you break down his swing mechanics at 7 in the morning, this kid shows you the ability,” Decker said. “The breakdown is that when it’s game time, it becomes, ‘I’ll show everyone around here I’m the best power hitter in this organization.’ You can’t let the brain or the ego get in the way of what will make you successful major league hitter.”

  • Team beat writer Chris Haft just had an inbox, with a good question on prospect on Edwin Escobar, but an interesting comment on now KIA Tiger Brett Pill. Haft pointed out earlier this year that Jeff Francoeur had taken AB from Pill as the Giants tried to go all Pat Burrell on the LF situation, but since that went as it did, there are some left wondering what the 29-year old could have produced. The quote that Haft gives, “But the sense here is that the Giants jettisoned Pill without fully discovering what they had in him,” is interesting just because my bias is that Pill probably would not have offered much, but was it worth a gamble to try Francoeur over Pill? Looking back and knowing how the season went, it’s easy to say Pill should have just got the AB, and who’s to say Pill couldn’t have gone on a hot streak then? Not being condescending, but I really don’t know what to think on the whole Pill vs. Francoeur battle, but my gut agrees that Pill should probably have got the time in what would become Pill’s last year with the Giants.

Until then, keep up with the news on the MiLB ballpark fire in Michigan, home of the Tigers’ Class A affiliate. As of the time this post was published, this is the live stream. Thoughts going out to everyone out there.

#SFGiants 1B Brett Pill (@PillzRGood) to Sign for Korean Team

Supported by fans of his Minor League numbers, Brett Pill was one of the names of sports radio and social media that was seen as someone that “never got his chance” to post numbers at the big league level. His numbers in the Minor Leagues, to be fair to Pill, were good:

2006 21 Salem-Keizer NORW A- 60 250 223 49 16 0 5 3 22 39 .220 .296 .359
2007 22 Augusta SALL A 137 589 536 144 47 1 10 4 38 81 .269 .321 .416
2008 23 San Jose CALL A+ 131 508 458 122 32 0 9 5 33 85 .266 .321 .395
2009 24 Connecticut EL AA 139 581 527 157 37 1 19 6 37 72 .298 .348 .480
2010 25 Fresno PCL AAA 140 567 520 143 34 0 16 7 30 65 .275 .319 .433
2011 26 Fresno PCL AAA 133 576 536 167 36 3 25 6 25 54 .312 .341 .530
2012 27 Fresno PCL AAA 60 268 246 70 18 1 11 0 13 36 .285 .336 .500
2013 28 Fresno PCL AAA 68 298 276 95 21 2 18 1 15 40 .344 .379 .630
8 Seasons 868 3637 3322 947 241 8 113 32 213 472 .285 .332 .464
A- (1 season) A- 60 250 223 49 16 0 5 3 22 39 .220 .296 .359
A (1 season) A 137 589 536 144 47 1 10 4 38 81 .269 .321 .416
A+ (1 season) A+ 131 508 458 122 32 0 9 5 33 85 .266 .321 .395
AA (1 season) AA 139 581 527 157 37 1 19 6 37 72 .298 .348 .480
AAA (4 seasons) AAA 401 1709 1578 475 109 6 70 14 83 195 .301 .340 .511
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Generated 12/21/2013.

Double digit home runs for five consecutive seasons, and even lighting it up with 18 HR and 21 2B in 298 AB and a .379 OBP, that’s pretty impressive. But, the Pacific Coast League is a hitter’s league, and Brett Pill’s 29 now, never could get a good walk-rate going. While he didn’t put up a worse K% than Brandon Belt in 2013, his OBP being almost 90 points less than Belt for 2013, and 70 points lower career vs. career just may be telling that Brett Pill perhaps was his best in AAA.

There were rumors flying around that Pill would be off to Korea earlier this week, and Dan of MyKBO confirmed the signing on Friday night, United States time:

Pill becomes a full-time first baseman for the KIA Tigers of the Korean Baseball Organization, from a league that just graduated Hyun-jin Ryu, but we haven’t seen that kind of higher level talent come out of the KBO for a long time. (For a list of South Korean-born players, check out this list.) The MLB Trade Rumors article on the Pill signing was a little interesting  before they edited it, realizing they may have been a little off in their analysis. A couple of tweets reacting to the original text:

Probably better for their brand that the article was edited. The Giants are speculated to get money from KIA in exchange for the rights to Brett Pill’s contract. How much remains to be seen. Of course, as much as we would rag on Pill as he compared to Brandon Belt, I know we as Giants fans wish him all the best in Korea, and hope he becomes a superstar there because I think a star in AAA can become a star in the KBO.

Thursday’s four #SFGiants roster moves

After a 12-8 drubbing last night, the Giants decided it was time for some moves!

 Possible goodbye to Ramon Ramirez, see ya Brett Pill, welcome back Hector Sanchez, and hello Jake Dunning!

Odd that after all this time Pill is going back down, didn’t play to the narrative we hoped we’d never see. In 19 games, Hector put up a .320/.370/.460 slash line in the hitter’s league that is the Pacific Coast League.

That would be a little less than an hour before game time.

No doubt his 20.3 K% and 6.5 BB% in Fresno will be a point of discussion when he finally takes the mound for the Giants.

You’ve probably heard today’s the anniversary of Matt Cain‘s perfect game. Where was I? At a graduation for most of the game, came home (drove safely, of course), then ran to my residence where my wife had the game on, and there was much happiness.

Pillz and Pegs: Brett Pill back with the big club as Giants head to Toronto

A little over an hour ago we got the news, and I’m sure that Brett Pill couldn’t be happier:

Pill gets the call up, and Francisco Peguero gets sent down, which makes everybody wonder less about who might be the DH as the Giants head to an American League park for a two-game series. This season, Pill was 6th in wOBA in the Pacific Coast League with the Fresno Grizzlies at .445 with a tied for league leading 9 HR.

For those that are getting super excited about those stats, I do want you to stay calm as other wOBA leaders for the PCL include Scott Van Slyke, Brian Bogusevic, and Kila Ka’aihue. This is not to say Pill will be a huge fail for the Giants, but that your expectations of his performance shouldn’t be as league leading as they were in AAA.

Brett Pill has a .929 SLG%

Brett Pill has done pretty well in Fresno, so it should come as no surprise that he’s doing well in Spring Training (albeit a small sample size), where much minor league talent is showcased. It’s also Spring Training. If you are using Spring Training stats as your basis for why someone should be on a major league roster, and maybe overtake should-be-starting 1B Brandon Belt, well, get ready from those looks you give the crazy people.

If I may, I’m going to show you some stats from previous Spring Trainings. 2012:

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 7.43.18 PM

I don’t know who Hague is, Boesch had a 77 OPS+, Duncan played in 81 G, Raburn just gets the three letter “LOL” from Tigers fans. Don’t worry, I see you looking at Jesus Guzman‘s name. I know what you’re thinking. Stop that.


Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 7.46.14 PM

A backup catcher, someone whose team couldn’t wait to ship him off to Seattle, a journeyman, a guy whose career is pretty much over (and wouldn’t have a good year) were amongst the leaders in Spring Training HR.


Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 7.49.33 PM

Giants fans should see one name on this list and say to themselves, “OK, convinced.” Also, I don’t want to keep doing this because they’re Spring Training stats, filled with pitchers and defenders that may not ever see a Major League stadium as a player. This same lesson applies for pitchers.

Is it possible that Pill has a breakout star-powered season? Sure, I guess. But based off of all the scouting reports done by people who’ve seen the kid, I’ll take their opinions over minor league stats and Spring Training stats 999,999 times out of 1,000,000. It’d also be a really bad idea to make a prediction based off of 14 AB. That’s like saying you’re going to get an “A” in a class because you got a 100% on a quiz that was open-note, open-conversation, and open-internet when you know the teacher is only trying to ease you into the term.

Not that I’ve seen anybody go gaga over Pill this spring, but just in case. Open this article every time you think Brett Pill should be the starting 1B.

GIF Post for Toosdee

Yesterday I did a post using some animated shorts looping over and over and over and over and over and hopefully you loved it loved it loved it. This post is more than just an encore, it’s the continuing of a beginning of me making GIFs until I find something else to do, like write words. I could write about the Giants and Dodgers tying at 8 today, but nah. And now, to the shorts!

Domonic Brown hits a baseball a long way

How long?

How about above the batter’s eye in CF.

Tommy Joseph joins the dinger party, pulling one

to a hut out in the LF fan area

Ichiro Suzuki is still Ichiroing

Brett Pill ties it up with a HR thru a sideways angle

Bill Hall with the “oh yea, I got it” stare down + walk

hits wall in LF

That last pair of GIFs is probably my favorite for today’s action. Would’ve had more from today’s Giants-Dodgers match if I’d known the live feed was up earlier in the day. Oh wells!


Series Preview: #SFGiants (64-54) vs. #Padres (52-68)

Chase Headley’s still a Padre, and he and the rest of the San Diego welcome another set of California fans and their beloved Giants

It’s easy to forget sometimes that there are other teams in the NL West besides the Dodgers, Giants, and Diamondbacks, but just because they’re at the bottom doesn’t mean they can’t derail your postseason plans. The Padres had an 8-2 stretch from Aug 3-13 before losing 3 to the Braves in Atlanta, so it’s not like they’re just lying down waiting for you to beat them. We all know the Giants will be missing their #3 hitter that’s played in 113 G this season, but with the Giants playing the Padres and the Dodgers traveling to Atlanta to play a good Braves team, there has to be a feeling that the Giants and Dodgers could still be within a game of one another when they meet up on Monday.

Friday, August 17th: RHP Matt Cain vs. RHP Ross Ohlendorf

One sentence summary: Four straight starts have seen Matt Cain watch at least seven hits get put on his record while Ohlendorf has seen 6 ER boost his ERA in two of his last three starts.

Saturday, August 18th: LHP Barry Zito vs. LHP Eric Stults

One sentence summary: Barry Zito hasn’t faced the Padres in 2012 and hasn’t had a streak of 0 HR games since May (0 HR in last start); Stults has been solid in his last two outings since being tabbed a SP again going 13 IP, 10 H, 1 ER, 2 BB and 8 K.

Sunday, August 19th: RHP Ryan Vogelsong vs. LHP Clayton Richard

One sentence summary: The big story last start was how Ryan Vogelsong stopped being new Ryan Vogelsong while Clayton Richard hopes to improve from his last start against the Giants when he got lit up at AT&T nearly a month ago.

Offense in the Pet Box

Buster Posey is having a great 2nd half to which you have been made aware on every night Buster Posey is in the batter’s box (.403 wOBA, 19 HR overall). Brandon Belt has been hot recently (.362 OBP, .339 wOBA overall). *By the way, a friendly reminder that if you are a Giants fan and actively root against Brandon Belt or Brett Pill, you need to re-evaluate yourself as a fan of the team.* Brandon Crawford with his PH-2-R bomb and getting on base hasn’t been too bad himself (.276 wOBA, 71 wRC+ overall). However, in the smallest of sample sizes at 13 PA in the last 7, Joaquin Arias has also been productive (.431 wOBA L7, .279 wOBA overall). If Angel Pagan (.247 wOBA L7) is going to be at the top, Hunter Pence in the thick of things in the lineup (.252 wOBA L7)  and want to give the boys a chance to get over the Melky hangover, they’re going to need to turn up the production.

I look at the Padres and I feel kind of bad for how many people I’m seeing on their DL list. Guys that can do damage against opposing teams like Yasmani Grandal who’s on rehab, Huston Street, who can still put down batters, and other starting pitchers that have been shelved. As for the guys who are playing, Logan Forsythe (.524 wOBA L7, .323 wOBA overall) has been doing well at the top of the order lately, what we thought was an obvious trade chip in Chase Headley (.406 wOBA L7, .360 wOBA overall) has 4 HR in his last 7 (and 19 for the season), and more importantly is still with the Padres. Those two guys are really the only ones putting up big numbers within the past week, but remember this team has Carlos Quentin (12 HR), who has hits in 4 of the 5 games he’s played against the Giants, including his unforgettable 2-HR game. Their catchers Nick Hundley and John Baker have been ice cold and rather unproductive for the Padres in Grandal’s absence, with neither having a positive wRC+.

Series Prediction

I’m going to go predictable here only because it just seems too obvious to me. This means my predictions should be wrong.

Friday: Giants win (Cain > Ohlendorf; Giants hitters rejoice)

Saturday: Padres win (Stults > Zito; Padres hitters rejoice)

Sunday: Giants win (Vogey shows it was just a blip)

All the while only gaining one full game on the Dodgers. Should be a decent weekend.

#FreeBelt vs. #FreePill: May 22nd Update

They’ve divided a fanbase. This article will give you the offensive numbers on them thus far in 2012.

It really shouldn’t be close. For those that are fans of reading, you expect that Belt should be a far cry away from anything Brett Pill is producing out on the field. Unfortunately for the people that spend the majority of their free time looking up numbers, blogging, and maybe even scouting, we are seeing a whole lotta snark from the Brett Pill Support Group/Brandon Belt Sucks Group.

So, what do the numbers look like? In 99 Brandon Belt PA and 66 Brett Pill PA:

I only put batting average in there for the Pill crowd. I really didn’t want to, but it gave me a good reason to include BABIP and it actually can maybe prove a point about Belt: if the homie can put the ball in play instead of striking out a quarter of the time, that batting average goes up, and the Brett Pill crowd shuts up and reluctantly gets on the bandwagon.

The HR numbers though make me wonder: where has Belt’s power gone? Is he tired? Is he injured? Is he just due for an explosion of production? Whatever it is, you just hope he finds it soon, otherwise Aubrey Huff might have to start games on a consistent basis. That is certainly the number Brett Pill fans laugh at Brandon Belt  for. The one Brandon Belt fans laugh at Brett Pill supporters for is the 27.8% infield fly ball rate. It’s also tied for 5th for highest % for hitters with more than 60 PA.

The numbers in my opinion have Belt with a slight edge, but nothing that screams BELT WINS. K.O. PERFECT. We can only hope, but remember good fans: they’re on the same team, so rooting for one to fail doesn’t really make any sense.


Can Huff 2010 in 2012? #SFGiants

Aubrey Huff, not present day

My other post title for this was “How odd is Aubrey Huff?” because you probably know by now, whether you call it a dead cat bounce, the roller coaster, upsies-downsies, the odd-even syndrome, you know Aubrey Huff has problems with playing in years that end in an odd number. Why? Iono. Gotta be between the ears though that causes him to do all the nothing he was doing after the 2010 World Series though. I believe they call it “resting on your laurels.” Most people by now grudgingly agree that yea, ok, you helped us to the first WS title we’ve ever seen in SF, you can get your pass… but no more! Dude’s getting paid $10MM in 2012, AKA “money I will never ever make.” As we look at the Giants preparing we look at what needs to happen and no doubt about it, Huff is a big key.

Yea. I’ll say. In fact, while we’re at it, you wanna take a look at his stats from all those odd years he’s played in the bigs? Of course you do. Let’s not pretend you have something else to do:

For those looking at the letter combinations going “WTF?” “ISO” stands for “Isolated Power” which is measured by Slugging percentage minus batting average. Let’s just say an ISO over .200 is pretty good to keep it simple. If you’ve had the uh… pleasure? of reading my stuff before I’ve talked about wOBA and wRC+ before. Both good individual measures for evaluating a player. 100 though for wRC+ is considered league average, so keep that in mind if this is the first time you’re seeing it. The 6 year average is for those 6 odd number years you see there and the 5 year average takes out the year 2011 since he played a lesser number of games then. 2003 was a pretty good year for him, wasn’t it? Tampa sure must’ve loved that when they were horrible. Now let’s compare those numbers to something like his even numbered years:

The year that was taken out for the 5 year average was the year 2000. In those 5 years though, take a look at the magic Huff has been up to in his even years: every year 20+ HR, K% below 14%, ISOs above .200 just about in every year save for that .197, pretty good batting averages, OBPs, wOBA and wRC+ in every year but 2006 where you could say he was a little better than average. The only thing the odd years have over the even years is the number of G and PA he averages, which is interesting but in the end you look at the numbers they put up for a guy like Huff who’s making 8 figures.

Huff says he’s doing the pilates thing that made him what he was in 2010. The dude is -gulp- 35 and he may need to do a little more than pilates to get him back to 2010 form. But he makes it sound like it’s hit him: I gotta be in shape to compete. Pablo’s realized that, Timmy’s realized that, Matt Cain realized it a while ago and Melky figured it out the same time Pablo did. Huff’s figured it out at age 35. Should we expect the world of Huff? No, that wouldn’t be fair. Should we expect a line of over 500 PAs, 20 HRs, 9-10% BB%, an ISO at .180+ and a wRC+ at 110 or higher? Yea, I think that’s absolutely fair and kinda believe in my “I like to believe people” brain that he can do that. I’m not gonna bet anything on it, but that’s what I expect from him.

So to answer the question, “Can Huff 2010 in 2012?” I say the realistic answer is “No,” although he shouldn’t be too far away, but I invite and beg him to prove me wrong.


What I learned from Wednesday’s #SFGLive

Who's been sending pictures of his abs to Bruce Bochy?

So on Wednesday night there was an “Inside the Clubhouse” complete with a live and active applause track. If you’ve been following the Giants closely throughout the offseason, you didn’t hear anything breaking about what’s going to happen this offseason. You really just learned more about the character of some of the individual characters, which is better than nothing. It’s better than being forced to listen to news about some other inferior sport.

Brian Sabean talked to the audience about everything we already know: pitching is the priority. Bullpen ever so important. Injuries plagued us in 2011. Nothing new, really. He did say if they see a bargain in January they’ll keep an open mind. I think that pertains more to pitching (like a long relief, #5 guy) than a bat. I’m sure they’ll sign a cheap bat if they could though. Rehab stuff nothing new, Freddy on schedule and Buster ahead of schedule. Looking good and of course we’re all hoping for the best. RIGHT, AUDIENCE? (this happened about 10 times over the course of the conference)

Larry Baer told us he hates the term “cap” in “salary cap” since it sounds like the number won’t move. He left room for the salary of the club to be bumped up ever so slightly year-by-year but didn’t talk about any new revenue streams like I dreamed of hearing about. He talked about the importance of keeping the celebrities of the Giants in San Francisco and specifically mentioning Timmy, Matty, Panda, Posey, MadBum and BRIAN WILSON. I think I started crying. If you know me, you know I hate paying too much for closers. We’ll see what happens though — he did say he’ll leave the baseball stuff to the baseball operations guys like Sabes and co.

We could be STACKED for years!

Dave Righetti can’t really tell us too much about what’s to happen with the team because that’s not his nor is it Bochy’s department. He did tell a nice story about how Juan Marichal shook Buster Posey’s hand before Game 5 and knew they were going to win. I learned that Rags likes to talk to the catchers about gameplan more than he does the pitchers.

Bruce Bochy same thing and a lot of talk about the close games and his receding hairline. What else can he really talk about? He did talk about the Taiwan All Star Trip and how fun that was with Pablo in LF for an inning. He talked about Aubrey Huff sending Boch shirtless pictures of himself to prove he’s working hard over this offseason. He didn’t lay down speculation that Pill and Belt could be competing for a spot though, much to the discontent of people that want to see Belt in the starting lineup everyday. Boch brought up the importance of getting through to the team that they can get back to the top and knowing that the 162 game season can be a long season.

Lots to be excited for, lots to be nervous about. The lineup’s pretty much set and so is the staff. It’s all about arbitration and dolling out cash now. Until the next set of crazy news, enjoy the closing shot of the Inside the Clubhouse episode.