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GIFPost: Kid does The Chop incorrectly

During the second game of the Mets-Braves doubleheader, the Braves fans were at it again, doing The Chop. It is controversial, and Braves fans hate talking about it with people that think it’s racist. Moving on from that discussion, there is a kid who does it in a fantastic manner.

Look for the kid in the white shirt next to the pitch coach Warthen.


Straight arm, just going up an down, like he’s fanning the baseball players. But then… things get really heated:


A STANDING STRAIGHT ARMED CHOP! And it even looks like he’s hitting the baseball player on the head, but it’s still great.

He may be doing The Chop wrong, but this kid did everything right. He would fix his arm motion later on (not GIF’d), spoiled by the influence of society.

GIFPost: Zack Wheeler makes his MLB Debut

Zack Wheeler has finally been called up to the bigs, and he’s been climbing up the “Top Prospects” ladder for the last four years, all the way being up in the top eleven in 2013, and being the Mets top prospect coming into this year. Wheeler, of course, was the arm used to acquire Carlos Beltran by the Giants in 2011. While the Giants could very well use him now, their flag in 2012 should ease the pain of watching a top prospect get his chance to shine while the Giants are being forced to wait for theirs.

The scouting report on Wheeler from Baseball Prospectus coming into the season:

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 4.46.13 PM

GOOD fastball, above average curveball, and a good slider and change. Let’s see what Wheeler showcased on Tuesday night in his effort against the NL East leading Atlanta Braves in the second game of their doubleheader.

Fastball (93-98):

Lot of balls from Zack in the game, especially early on, which could have been due to a combination of nerves and throwing the ball.

And, there’s your first career MLB strikeout, and Jason Heyward gets the honor of being the first victim.

Thanks for playing, Brian McCann.

Chris Johnson whiffing on 95.

Paul Maholm probably a little mismatched.

Curveball (78)

Nice hammer.

Probably don’t wanna throw it too much in that location.

Slider (88-90):

He actually started out Justin Upton with a slider low two straight at bats. Gives you some insight into their scouting report on him.

A much better reception than the first slider, he’ll get that call from other umpires.

And there’s Dan Uggla helping Wheeler record Zack’s seventh strikeout of the night.

Changeup (85):

Despite the five walks in 102 pitches for Wheeler, I thought this was a pretty good debut. It wasn’t Strasburg, but it was pretty dang good. As I was saying on twitter, I’m rooting for the former Baby Giant, and I want him to do well. This was a great first step, and here’s to Zack on a great career with the Mets and then the Giants when he signed with them because he secretly misses all of us.

TRUE BLOOD: Matt Harvey has a bloody nose

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey has been dealing with a bloody nose today, and it’s carried into the game:

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 4.18.21 PM


And here he is pitching with that blood:


Poor guy was using his shirt to keep the blood off his face. Hopefully that will be less of a distraction for him as the game goes on.

A Tripleheader in Colorado?

Something that could be on the horizon if bad weather comes around, it would certainly be historic:

Taken from Wikipedia’s article on double headers:

There are three recorded instances of a tripleheader in Major League Baseball, indicating three games between the same two teams on the same day. These occurred between the Brooklyn Bridegrooms and Pittsburgh Innocents on September 1, 1890 (Brooklyn won all three); between the Baltimore Orioles and Louisville Colonels on September 7, 1896(Baltimore won all three); and between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds on October 2, 1920 (Cincinnati won two of the three). Triple headers are now prohibited under the current collective bargaining agreement, except when the first game is the conclusion of a game suspended from a prior date.

The New York Mets are scheduled to be in Denver this week from Monday, April 15th through Thursday, April 18th. A tripleheader hasn’t happened since 1920, and the other two weren’t even in the 20th century. Hopefully it doesn’t come to a tripleheader in Denver, and maybe it doesn’t since the current CBA says they are a no-no. Here is the four-day forecast for Denver:

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 6.29.44 PM


Have fun with that, guys.

The NL East Season Preview: Where Dynasties Live

The regular season begins this Sunday at 5:05PM PST when the Texas Rangers play the Houston Astros in that famous AL West rivalry, which means this week is all about previews, bold predictions, and message board put downs. I will say I am not good at predicting things, so let’s get that straight. Like everybody else though, I have an opinion on the matter of how events will play out. As I preview these divisions, I’ll tell you a little of what sport betting sites see, what computer simulations see, and what I see. The teams will be previewed in the reverse order I expect them to finish. Let us preview the NL East, where in my lifetime, I’ve really only seen the Braves (’94-’05) and Phillies (’07-’11) rule the NL East in its “new” format. Now, a new horse has arrived, it’s young, and it’s also got better competition this year.

5. Miami Marlins

Bovada’s odds to win the division, pennant, and World Series: 40/1, 75/1, 200/1

PECOTA’s projected three highest Wins Above Replacement Player for 2013: Giancarlo Stanton (4.9), Justin Ruggiano (2.2), Ricky Nolasco (2.1)

Stuart sees: a snake occupying the owner’s box, leaving a city the bill to a stadium with an eyesore out in left-center, along with a trade of major leaguers Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, and Emilio Bonifacio who were all sent north of the border because it just didn’t work out. Maybe you can find a little sympathy in your heart for that kind of business, I’m having trouble with it. The fish are left with Nolasco as their ace with not much behind him, and Stanton as the guy they’re supposedly building around. The bullpen might be the most well-rounded part of the team, but I wonder how this team scores its runs when Stanton’s not there. What lead will there be for the bullpen to hold? In case the only time you’ve seen Giancarlo is in the WBC, I’ve provided some memories from 2012 of the things he did. Worth your time.

4. New York Mets

Bovada’s odds to win the division, pennant, and World Series: 15/1, 40/1, 100/1

PECOTA’s projected three four highest Wins Above Replacement Player for 2013: David Wright (3.9), Shaun Marcum (2.6), Daniel Murphy and Matt Harvey (2.5)

Stuart sees: a team that is getting ready to put its bullets into its Major League gun, and they are going to hit the mound and shut down the opposition. That may be seen even as early as June when Zack Wheeler will likely get the promotion to join former prospect Harvey on the hill. Marcum, like Johan Santana, is already injured, so it’s hard to see the Mets starting corps providing much for their team outside of Harvey. The offense will need to pick it up until their starters have their health back, and 2B Daniel Murphy is on the comeback trail to getting healthy again, and Ike Davis can supply some power for this squad. The outfield is kind of a nightmare, and with John Buck behind the plate, Mets fans are also counting down the days to when they see prospect Travis d’Arnaud come up in June so they can see part of the fruits of that trade for R.A. Dickey. If this team starts hot, they could be a very real threat for a wild card spot, but I’m talking 45-days hot, not 1-week hot.

3. Philadelphia Phillies

Bovada’s odds to win the division, pennant, and World Series: 3/1, 7/1, 16/1

PECOTA’s projected three highest Wins Above Replacement Player for 2013: Cliff Lee (4.2), Roy Halladay (3.9), Cole Hamels (3.6)

Stuart sees: a walking AARP commercial unfolding in front of everybody’s eyes. Halladay is starting to show his age with decreasing velocity (although that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s done), and possibly being on the road to getting lit up more often. The acquisition of Michael Young seemed to be one built off of intangibles, and Delmon Young just plays like he’s old when he’s in the outfield. On the offensive side of things, this team should be fine, hitting some homers here and there, Philadelphia fans do have their reasons to believe in this team (not much of it on defense, though). I wonder how long the John Lannan experiment as the 5 will go, but the bullpen does have a decent 8th-9th inning set of arms in Mike Adams and Jonathan Papelbon (only to be used in save situations, of course!). It’s easy to not like this team because of the way their general manager, Ruben Amaro, Jr. built it, but they can provide some healthy, spirited, and most importantly competent competition for their NL East brethren.

2. Atlanta Braves

Bovada’s odds to win the division, pennant, and World Series: 9/4, 7/1, 16/1

PECOTA’s projected three highest Wins Above Replacement Player for 2013: Jason Heyward (3.6), Justin Upton (3.4), B.J. Upton (3.1)

Stuart sees: a team that could rule the division if not for another great team standing in their way. Those top three guys all reside in the outfield, and we haven’t even mentioned SS Andrelton Simmons and Brian McCann, whom is starting to feel better. Braves fans may not be confident of the platoon they have going at the hot corner with Juan Francisco and Chris Johnson, and it’s easy to be disappointed when you had a Hall of Famer in Chipper Jones manning the position there for as long as he did. My question mark on this team is how well does the starting pitching do this year, as I’m not worried about their bullpen holding leads or keeping things close. Does Tim Hudson stay healthy, can Mike Minor keep batters in the park and continue to lower his walk rate? What about Julio Teheran, how ready is he to reaching that ceiling of a #2-3 starter that’s been put on him? Watch this team at the plate for a series and you’ll understand the threat these guys pose, they are not just a force, they are a force. (oooOOOooohhhhh)

1. Washington Nationals

Bovada’s odds to win the division, pennant, and World Series: 10/11, 7/2, 7/1

PECOTA’s projected three four highest Wins Above Replacement Player for 2013: Stephen Strasburg (4.8), Ryan Zimmerman (4.0), Jayson Werth and Dan Haren (3.1)

Stuart sees: a team that you will be describing using any and every positive/fear-inducing adjective and profane word in the book. Now that this team has brought their town an NL East title in 2012, their extraordinarily powerful lineup, along with newly acquired speedster Denard Span, are going to put up some pretty good numbers (hint hint, fantasy baseball players) and work on creating that dynasty within the NL East. Bryce Harper just got done being nineteen (that’s 19, as in, my college freshman+sophomore years you know what, I don’t wanna talk about it), Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmermann are also pretty stinkin’ good, and that bullpen added Rafael Soriano because I guess they wanted to make Drew Storen feel really bad. My question marks for this team are Dan Haren, who has been not been pitching as well as the years have gone by (getting old will do that… along with lower velocity), and the part of the bullpen that doesn’t involve Storen, Tyler Clippard, and Soriano. Outside of that, you can see why they’ve got the best odds to win everything. This team… I mean… Man. (how ’bout that analysis right there)

If there’s something not going for them though, it’s definitely this (couldn’t find a more out of control picture, I know it’s out there though):

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 6.09.58 PM

Tell me how you think the NL East standings fall out in the comments below, and remember to play nice!

Stop Hitting Yourself






From Baseball Prospectus’ Mets Top Ten Prospects:

Screen shot 2012-12-18 at 11.53.43 AM


Just can’t help it. And now my face is all bruised up. I’ll just blame my cats again.

Everybody’s Favorite Gentleman is Coming Back

CSN’s Andrew Baggarly with the breaking news to start off your Thursday:

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 7.38.35 AM

The stories of Andres Torres are well known by now, of him being an incredibly hard working, and just as sweet of a man, so you can understand why everyone is pulling for him. After a magical .358 wOBA, 6.9 fWAR season in 2010, Torres couldn’t repeat the magic, going .292, .297 and 2.2, 1.7 in wOBA and fWAR in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Andres is a speed guy and will be on the bench possibly platooning with Gregor Blanco, or being a defensive replacement, getting his pinch hitting opportunities as the season goes on. He was traded in the 2011-2012 offseason with Ramon Ramirez for current CF Angel Pagan and cash considerations, so in the end, the Giants traded one year of Ramon Ramirez for Angel Pagan, cash, and a one year loan of Andres Torres. Nice.

Update: He will make $2MM this year and has signed a Major League deal, per Baggs. 

I’m guessing this for sure will put Francisco Peguero back in Triple-A Fresno, while the Giants could continue to search for a RHH bat to come off the bench to maybe find a better option than the lighter hitting Torres. There have been whispers of Brandon Belt playing LF when Buster Posey plays 1B, so if that were true, the Giants would be done shopping for their MLB OF. 

As for wondering how you should feel about this move? As for me, I am happy, from both a baseball, and personal level.

Series Preview: #Mets (49-53) vs. #SFGiants (55-46)

Old friend Andres Torres has been getting warmed up with the bat just in time for his AT&T homecoming

I shouldn’t need to remind you about the weekend that was, and Ryan Vogelsong even is suggesting the Giants should play a little angry, which I agree would work better than playing defeated, which is what they looked like in the last halves of the last two games they played. Not lost though on Giants fans will be the homecoming of RHP Ramon Ramirez and all-around nice guy OF Andres Torres, whom everybody was sad to see go from a personality perspective. From a baseball player perspective, I thought it was time to move on and agreed with Sabean’s move for Pagan. The ovation fans give to Torres today in the 1st inning should be nothing less than moving. After all the tears though, the Giants need to get into a winning-the-series mindset with their rivals to the South in a hey-this-winning-thing-isn’t-that-difficult thinking. The Mets have 3 SP on the DL (Johan Santana, Dillon Gee, Mike Pelfrey), which is why you might see guys with not that many IP under their belt this year.

Monday, July 30th: RHP Jeremy Hefner vs. LHP Madison Bumgarner

One sentence summary: Hefner just put in 6 against Washington for his first start since June 6th and struck out 7 while only seeing 2 Nationals crossing the plate while he was out there, giving his team a very real chance for victory.

Tuesday, July 31st: RHP Matt Harvey vs. RHP Tim Lincecum

One sentence summary: Matt Harvey baffled the DBacks hitters, and hopefully the Giants have seen the video on this guy, especially since the adrenaline for Harvey shouldn’t be there as much as it was for his MLB debut.

Wednesday, August 1st: LHP Jon Niese vs. RHP Matt Cain

One sentence summary: The only other healthy Mets SP with over 100 IP (R.A. Dickey the other) has had a rough July with these ER per each start in that month: 7 (CHI), 1 (WSH), 3 (LAD), 6 (AZ).

Thursday, August 2nd: RHP Chris Young vs. LHP Barry Zito

One sentence summary: If you’re excited to see these two pitchers duke it out, you’re the only one.

How about some offense?

The Mets as you might remember, were hanging around the top half of the NL East for a while, but then injuries and regression set in and here they are at four games under. Interesting to note that some of their colder guys for the season are the ones that are doing their best to carry the team. Ike Davis (.484 wOBA & 6 HR Last 7 days, .305 wOBA & 20 HR overall) is the scariest bat right now, and Andres Torres is even doing his part (.403 wOBA & 21.7 BB% L7, .303 wOBA & 14.4 BB% overall). It wouldn’t be right if a Hairston wasn’t doing well, and Scott has a little somethin-somethin going (.403 wOBA L7, .349 wOBA overall) and as you see, is actually having a pretty decent season as well. They have four guys with double digit HRs — Ike Davis (20), David Wright (16), Scott Hairston and Lucas Duda (12), but only two guys with double digit SBs in David Wright (11) and Andres Torres (10). David Wright also had a crazy high BABIP and AVG to start the year off but has predictably fallen and now stands at .332 and .365, respectively. Oh by the way, the Mets are also 2-8 in their last 10 games.

The Giants however are a remarkably better 4-6 in their last 10, with an offense that got shut out in two straight games, in case you hadn’t heard. To nobody’s surprise, the Giants only have one guy with a wOBA over .350 in their last seven days, and two above .300 — this is the time where you incorrectly guess the two: Buster Posey (.385, .374 wOBA overall), and Brandon Belt (.336, .318 wOBA overall). I would’ve got half the answer wrong, too, don’t worry. The Mets may be just the trick to awaken the Giants bats with their being prone to being lit up, or you know, this could be where the Mets get closer to .500 due to facing a cold set of bats. This should be a series the Giants can at least split, but science says that if the Giants continue to score 0 runs for their pitching, they will not win any games. You’re welcome for that hard-hitting analysis.

Series Prediction

Monday: Giants win (While fans shed tears for Andres Torres, Mets shed tears watching their hitters get beat by Bumgarner)

Tuesday: Giants win (Harvey’s 2nd start goes nothing like his 1st; Giants only add a reliever before the deadline)

Wednesday: Giants win (Closest game of the series shows the fans something can bounce their way)

Thursday: Mets win (Zito-Whiteside connection doesn’t work)

I’m an optimist, I know.

Everybody has a 2nd Half Preview #SFGiants

Pablo’s bat in the 2nd half, just like everyone else’s, will be needed to help the Giants reach the 90-win mark they may need to win the West.

Right? If you write about baseball, or you think you can right about baseballs (lulz), chances are you can make predictions or give a take on the second half of the season that has/hasn’t been said before, or provide first-half analysis, but do it in a different way from other people.

I use Excel spreadsheets:

Boom. How you like these apples? You may have seen something like this in a Fansided post I did last month, and now it’s updated. Spent all night updating it, so I hope you appreciate the work. If you don’t, well take in the numbers that are important here: the Giants are 20-20 against teams with a .500 record or better (despite their most recent 9-10 stretch versus winning teams) and have 30/76  (~40%) of their remaining games against those teams including 12 against the Dodgers, who may or may not look the same the next time we see them. I have a hard time seeing top Dodger prospect Zach Lee making it through this season without being traded. As long as the Dodgers don’t win it all, this could be a season we look back on and kind of point and laugh at them much in the same way people do at the Giants for that deal last year involving a different Zack. In both scenarios though, the deal needs/needed to be done to acquire an impact player, and I don’t know how impact of a guy they can get in this market. The most important number may be that they have 13 games against the Rockies, who are hopelessly lost right now. The next most outside of the NL West are the 7 against the Braves, and the 6 against the Jose Altuves.

Despite being one game under .500, the DBacks are 4 back of the Dodgers, and 3.5 behind the Giants, so for now we will consider them being in the hunt and not giving up on Justin Upton, which is another issue in of itself. The Dodgers, though they have swept the Cardinals, have 8 left against them, and still have to finish their season series with the Nationals, Pirates, Reds, Braves, and the Mets (Giants are done with two of those guys, DBacks, are done with the Braves). The Dodgers, despite starting very well against winning competition, have regressed to one game over, but have one win up on the Giants at the moment. The Diamondbacks in terms of their schedule have more games against over .500 teams to finish the season largely in part to the Giants, Dodgers, and Reds, but have struggled overall against such foes going 19-26, which hopefully is a number that only gets worse (for them).

Unimportant observation: Did you notice the summed up records of opponents that are below .500 for the Giants and Dodgers were exactly the same? How ’bout that.

Key part of the schedule: Friday, September 7th through Monday, September 24th. Here’s why:

Giants face: vs. Dodgers (3), @Rockies (3), @DBacks (3), vs. Rockies (4), vs. Padres (3)

Dodgers face: @Giants (3), @DBacks (2), vs. Cardinals (4), @Nationals (3), @Cincinnati (3)

DBacks face: @Padres (3), vs. Dodgers (2), vs. Giants (3), vs. Padres (3), vs. Rockies (4)

Notice a difference in the degree of difficulty the Giants and DBacks face versus what the Dodgers have to go through? Shoot, the DBacks barely have to travel during that stretch, and the Giants go as far as Colorado while the Dodgers get to go to the other side of the States. This could make the end of the season an interesting one for the NL West.

And now, for the part that anyone can do (and will probably be wrong): The prediction.

Thursday, July 12th

Dodgers 47-40 —

Giants 46-40 0.5

Dbacks 42-43 4.0

Thursday, October 4th

Giants 90-72 —

Dodgers 88-74 2.0

DBacks 87-75 3.0

This means the Giants have to win 58% of the games left. Should be doable, especially if the starters (I’m thinking of specifically two of them) can give the team a chance to win. It’s a long season, and I may be a bit optimistic, but we’ll hope for the best (for us and only us).

Andres Torres: The #Mets Pretty Good 5th OF

Teams all want OF depth in their system. What’s great about the game is we all have our own opinions on different athletes. Andres Torres is an interesting case. I don’t need to tell you his story, because you know it. But Jon Heyman took a break from talking about the line at Delta to talking Torres, the nicest guy in the history of nice:

To which big man Dave Cameron of Fangraphs quickly responded:

So I thought that I would look around a little bit for some stats from 2009-2011 about Andres Torres and how he compares to the rest of the league, mostly because that’s what Mr. Cameron did in a later tweet. Here’s how Andres ranks in the last 3 years:

wRC+ — tied for 34th at 113

WAR — 19th at 11.1

Fangraphs’ Fld metric — 4th at 39.7

wOBA — tied for 40th at .342

ISO — 36th at .184

SLG% — tied for 45th at .436

OBP — 60th at .332

SB — 33rd at 51 total

I’m not saying Andres Torres is an All-Star, and these stats don’t suggest that either. I’m not saying he has to start for you — we all saw 2011. But 5th OF? Come on, Heyman.